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Meat ban for 16 days draws flak

“Ban only in areas within 500 metres surrounding ghats and Pushkar Nagars”

The decision of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) to ban slaughtering of cattle and sale of meat, including seafood, in the city for 16 days on the occasion of Krishna Pushkaralu, has drawn flak from not only traders and hoteliers but also the common public.
The decision is being dubbed as ‘unilateral’ while the officials claim that it is in the interest of public health.
The river festival will be celebrated for 12 days from August 12 and the ban on meat will be imposed from August 9 to August 25. Also, the slaughtering house of the VMC, which approves sale of meat on daily basis, will remain closed. “The chicken shop I run is my only source of income. If I shut it down for 16 days, I will have no money by the end of the month. I do agree that it is important to keep the city clean in the wake of the expected heavy influx of people but the Corporation authorities should reconsider the decision and make better sanitation arrangements instead,” said K. Sampath, a butcher.
“Banning meat will be a strong step. Consumption of non-vegetarian food is one’s personal choice. Ban for such long period would also impact the lives of people dependant on the poultry and seafood industry. However, officials can make an appeal to the public to avoid sale or consumption of a particular product in the larger interest of people”, says K. Naga Sravan, a youth activist.
Star hotels to serve
non-vegetarian food
Owners of restaurants and other eateries are confused over the VMC’s decision. Star hotels, which serve international customers, say that they have a special provision to serve non-vegetarian food despite the ban.
“We are yet to start talks with the authorities. Star hotels need not stop serving non-vegetarian food on the orders of local authorities. If we do so our international customers will have to be denied their food which is not possible,” said a sales manager of a 4-star hotel.
When clarity was sought over the ban, District Collector A. Babu said: “There will be no blanket ban on sale and consumption of meat in city. It must be only an appeal in the interest of larger public. Only in the areas (within 500 metres) surrounding the ghats and Pushkar Nagars, consumption and sale of liquor and meat will not be allowed.”
Efforts to contact Municipal Commissioner seeking further clarification failed as there was no response.
Earlier, VMC officials said that a meeting would be held with the owners of restaurants to appeal them not to serve non-vegetarian food.
The VMC has also warned of serious action if anybody violated the rule.
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