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The meat ban begins on August 9 and will end on August 25

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation has imposed a 17-day meat ban in the city from August 9 to August 25.
The ban has been imposed on account of Krishna Pushkarams, which is slated to begin on August 12. But the no-meat rule has garnered mixed reactions from people in the city.
Anil Kumar, a hotel owner said, “Pushkarams comes once in 12 years. I don’t see this as a problem as I can run my hotel for these days without serving non-vegetarian items. But there are many who survive on meat business. Poultry shops, fishermen and labourers who transport meat will face a lot of problem.”
Although there was no such meat ban in 2004 or in 1992, opposition leaders expressed no surprise in the Chandrababu Naidu government’s move.
Speaking to The News Minute, Roja, YSRCP legislator said, “He did not consult anyone on the meat ban. Nor does he consult us on anything else. Last year during Godavari Pushkarams he made a lot of promotions. He gave permission to a movie shooting. There was a stampede resulting in death of 29 people.”


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