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Second day Holydips : 7,21,334 in Andhra Pradesh, 3,78,839 in Vijayawada ghats :Officials


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Pushkar Nagar is a facility providing Shelter, resting space for the visiting pilgrims of Krishna Pushkaram. An Open space adjacent to the Bathing ghats shall be converted into a Pushkar Nagar with full roofing above. A Pushkar Nagar shall have the following facilities for the pilgrims:

1. Reception
2. Parking
3. Accommodation
4. Wash Rooms
5. Dress Changing Rooms
6. Drinking Water
7. Food Stalls
8. Lighting facilities
9. Medical Camps
10. Fire Safety Equipments
11. Bus Stands
12. Public Address System
13. LCD TV/Projection Points
14. Cloak Room
15. Chappals Stand
16. Information Desks

Pushkar Nagars are established by the district administration near important ghat points in and around the city of Vijayawada where more than 1 lakh pilgrims are expected to visit – to facilitate comfortable staying and visit to the pilgrims. Pilgrims can arrive in the city, stay overnight at the Pushkar Nagar, have holy dip the next day and leave back to their places. Food shall be served three meals a day free of cost. Tea and snacks may also be provided. There are facilities for transport as all Pushkar Nagars will be connected by road transport. Buses shall ply free of cost from Pushkar Nagars to ghats and back to Pushkar Nagar. The Pushkar Nagars shall be a comfortable place of accommodation, resting, fooding for the visiting pilgrims. A total of 38 Pushkar Nagars are established in and around Vijayawada. 


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