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Ghats may not meet Pushkaram deadline

Workers racing against time to complete the bathing ghat works at Padmavathi ghat in Vijayawada on Monday
Photo: Ch Venkata MastanVijayawada: With just three days left for the prestigious Krishna Pushkaralu to begin, the works of Padmavathi ghat on the banks of Krishna, the longest ghat in the city with a length of 1.5 kilometres, are yet to be completed.

The ghat is located opposite to the main entrance of Pandit Nehru bus station and beside the VIP ghat. It is expected that a huge rush would be at the ghat as it is on the Hyderabad highway and the nearest to the bus station. Incomplete works and poor quality are the two major problems at the ghat.

The state government allotted about Rs 53 crore for the works at Padmavathi ghat, but even 50 per cent of the works have not been completed yet. Laying of tiles at bathing ghat and granite works at the entrance of the ghat are still in progress. 

Construction of dress changing rooms for women devotees has not yet started. Tent arrangements are at initial stage. Works are being carried out in a hurried manner which is affecting the quality of works.

As the tiles are of poor quality some of them are already broken at many places along the ghat. Workers have the additional work of replacing them with the new ones. Some of them are painting the tiles to cover up the damages. 

Despite hundreds of workers on the job 24X7, it is doubtful that they would meet the deadline. A government official said they were doing their best to speed up the works. Whether they will be able to complete it in time or not is a big question.


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