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Krishna Pushkarams to set notion for interlinking of rivers

To make Krishna Pushkarams a celebration of people’s spiritual relationship with River Krishna, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu said that the 12-day event should be used to take determination for the interlinking of rivers in the state. He held review on the preparations of Krishna Pushkaram with officials from 12 departments.
Krishna Pushkarams should be promoted in a way where we infuse new vigour into people, directing it towards development of the state, instead of making it a mere cultural event. “The reason we are emphasizing on this River is because we are trying to drought-proof the state with this river’s water,” he said.
Emphasizing on finishing pending works within the next three months, the Chief Minister directed the officials to construct ghats on permanent basis. Daily cleaning of drains, collection and disposal of solid waste before, during and after the event needs to be, he said.

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