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Water to be released from Sagar

Vijayawada:  District officials are trying to maintain a water level of four-feet at the bathing ghats upstream of Prakasam barrage for the convenience of pilgrims, who wish take a holy dip during the Krishna Pushkaralu.  This will be possible when the water level reaches 12-feet at the Prakasam barrage. 

Currently, the water level at the barrage stands at 4.7 feet. With the inflows from Sagar for the last two days, the water levels increased to 5.3 feet on Tuesday and is expected to rise further. Prakasam barrage must get adequate water from either Sagar reservoir or Pattiseema to reach the required level. 

However, water inflows from Pattiseema have been halted for one week due to a breach in the right canal. The government has released 4000 cusecs of water from Sagar for the Krishna Pushkaralu, but it will not be sufficient to increase the water levels at Prakasam barrage.

The Prakasam barrage has only 1.47 tmcft of water and 1.6 tmcft water is needed to increase water levels to 10 to 12 feet,” said B Rajashekhar, Special Officer for Krishna Pushkaralu. He said more water will be released from Sagar to enhance the water levels at Prakasam barrage.  

VIP Ghat, Punnami Ghat and Bhavani Ghat are located upstream of Prakasam barrage. Lakhs of pilgrims are expected to take a dip at these bathing ghats. 

That will be possible only if the barrage gets another 1.60 tmcft water in the next two days. Barricades have been erected along the 2.1 km bathing ghats to prevent untoward incidents. 

The existing water is available for a dip only beyond the steel-chained barricades erected for the safety of pilgrims. So officials are hoping that fresh releases from Sagar in the next two days will make up for the scarcity. 


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