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Rythu Bazaars to be open 24x7 during Pushkaralu

People throng the Rythu Bazaar at Swarajya Maidaan following apprehensions of scarcity of vegetables during Pushkaralu in Vijayawada on Monday. —Photo: Ch.Vijaya Bhaskar

With the Krishna Pushkaralu approaching, there are growing apprehensions among the locals that they may face scarcity of vegetables what with the authorities imposing several traffic diversions and blockades.
Warding off the fears, the government has decided to run the two city Rythu Bazaars — Swaraj Maidan and Patamata — 24 hours for the 12 days, starting from August 12. Normally, the Bazaars function from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Though traffic curbs impact movement of heavy vehicles to the Rythu Bazaars, special arrangements have been made so that vegetables are supplied, officials say.
Transport at night
According to Swaraj Maidan Estate Officer M. Srinivasa Sastry, the government engaged trucks to transport vegetables from Gollapudi to the Bazaars during night.
“Stocks will be unloaded at Gollapudi the point where all heavy vehicles will be stopped. From there vegetables will be brought in government vehicles to the Bazaars in the night. People can walk in at any time of the day and purchase vegetables. All required arrangements are made and there will be no supply issues.”
On the other hand, due to the transport issues private vegetable markets may not be able to sell goods as per the demand. Meanwhile, people are thronging the Bazaars to purchase vegetables like onions, potatoes and others and stock them up.


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