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Pushkar Nagar has no amenities

Vijayawada: Hundreds of contract workers who came to work for Krishna Pushkaralu were left without food, drinking water and other basic amenities at the Pushkara Nagar set up by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) at the Gandhiji Municipal High School. 

,Most of the workers were from Bapatla, Tenali and other areas of Guntur district. Pushkara Nagar is the temporary shelter constructed for pilgrims, who will attend Krishna Pushkaralu in Vijayawada.

A group of contract workers who arrived from Bapatla at Pushkara Nagar on Monday night were not provided food till Tuesday afternoon. G Durga Rao, the head of the team of workers said the middleman who brokered the deal between VMC and the workers had disappeared. 

He said the workers had come with a lot of hope to do the sanitation works for the Pushkaralu after being promised Rs 250 per day. The majority of workers were from Bapatla and some of the women had brought their children along, said Durga Rao. 

The VMC had decided to engage the services of the workers for 18 days from August 9 to August 26. While the VMC agreed to pay the workers Rs 400 per day and provide food three times a day, the contractor had told the workers that they would be paid Rs 250 per day. 

Only two water taps have been arranged at Pushkara Nagar. With only two days left for the beginning of the Pushkaralu, there were no fans in the rooms neither were the bathing rooms ready. Workers were seen importing marble stone for construction of temporary bathrooms. 


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