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160 pushkaram bus services from Prakasam

The APSRTC will operate 160 special services from Prakasam district to Srisailam, Guntur and Vijayawada for the Krishna Pushkaram beginning on August 12, according to its regional manager K.Adam Saheb.
These are in addition to the 65 regular services of the APSRTC to the cities on the banks of the river Krishna, he told reporters here on Saturday.
All Vijayawada-bound buses would be stopped at the satellite bus station at Gorantla in Guntur itself. Devotees would be taken from there to the pushkar ghats of their choice either in Guntur district or Krishna district, he said, adding no bus passenger would be allowed to go directly to Vijayawada.
Special bus services would also be arranged to Undavalli for the benefit of the pilgrims visiting the Seethanagaram Pushkar Ghat, he added.


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