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Vijaywada Near By Places To Visit

Amaravati : Amaravati is situated in Sattenapalli Taluk of Guntur District and it is famous as the seat of a temple to Lord Shiva worshipped here as Lord Amareswara and also for the Buddhist sculptures, which are world famous. Amareswaram is considered sacred because of three things, the Krishna River, an important Kshetra with a Sthalamahatyam and the Sri Mahalinga Murthy, which are three sacred principles embodied in one.

Kuchipudi :
Kuchipudi, 60-km from Vijayawada, is the birthplace of Siddhendra Yogi, originator of the famous Kuchipudi style of dance. The village is in an area known for artistic divine and literary pursuits. A full-fledged dance school keeps the memory of the great yogi alive by offering courses to train students in the Kuchipudi dance form.
Manginapudi Beach : Manginapudi, situated at about 10-km from Machilipatnam is noted for its fine beach in the district. The beach possesses tremendous potential with a natural bay and comparatively shallow and safe waters. A beautifully laid park with a fountain and well-lit surroundings further enhance its reputation as a place for relaxation.
Gudivada : Gudivada is located 45-km from Vijayawada. Gudivada derived its name from the existence of a number of temples in the past. It was also known as "Vidarbhapuri" as per Khandeyayani Kaikaluru Silasasanam of AD 1628. The place was in existence for over 2,000 years and has been flourishing perpetually from the time of the Satavahanas.
Chandavaram : Chandavaram is located in Prakasam district, 50-km from Vijayawada. It is a Buddhist site of great significance. Take a look at a unique double terraced stupa on top of a hillock known as "Singarakonda" (beautiful hillock). It's probably the only one of its kind in elevation in South India. Excavations here have revealed more than 30 beautifully carved limestone panels once decorated the dome, drum and railing of the stupa. Apsidal and circular 'Chaityagrihas', 'Viharas' and several minor stupas are located on the hilltop.


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