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Second day Holydips : 7,21,334 in Andhra Pradesh, 3,78,839 in Vijayawada ghats :Officials


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9,000 cops to monitor security for Krishna Pushkaralu

Amaravati: The police department will deploy 9,000 personnel to provide security to the pilgrims at 79 ghats and 19 Pushkar Nagars during Krishna Pushkaralu in Guntur district. The officials have already requested the higher officials to deploy additional forces and sent proposals to this effect. 

The government will depute police officers and personnel from Prakasam, Nellore and other districts. Arrangements are being made to provide accommodation to additional forces. 

Guntur rural police officials are making elaborate security arrangements for Krishna Pushkaralu. Director General of Police N Sambasiva Rao visited some important ghats in the district. They are expecting heavy pilgrim rush at Amaravati and Krishnaveni ghat in Nagarjunasagar. 

Tallayapalem, Pondugala, Penumudi and Venkatapalem ghats are also important ghats. The police officials will set up CC cameras at all ghats. 

They are expecting at least 6,000 police personnel to provide security for Krishna Pushkaralu under Guntur rural district limits. They will set up CC cameras at ghats, which will be connected to a control room and monitored by a senior official. In case of need, they will alert the police on duty at the ghat.  

In Guntur urban police district limits, the police identified Seethanagaram and Mahanadu ghats where more than one lakh devotees are expected to take a holy dip.

Guntur urban SP Sarva Sresta Tripati visited the ghats and gave necessary instructions to the officials. The police will set up 85 CC cameras at various ghats in Guntur Urban Police district. They will deploy 3,000 police personnel at various ghats and Pushkar Nagars. 

They have identified parking places at various ghats to solve traffic problem near ghats. The police will provide 24x7 security at Pushkar Nagars. 

Training was already imparted to police to be assigned with Pushkaralu duty. They instructed them to keep a watch on the movements of the strangers and suspects. 

Guntur urban SP Sarva Sresta Tripati said, “We will set up CC cameras at all ghats and already imparted training to the police. We will deploy at least 3,000 additional police personnel for Pushkaralu.” 

Guntur rural SP Narayan Naik said, “At least 6,000 police personnel are required for Pushkaralu. We will post police force at ghats and Pushkar Nagars and we will set up CC cameras at all ghats. I have already visited all the ghats.”


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