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Arrangements In Full Swing For Pushkaram

Krishna District Administration is not leaving any thing to chance when it comes to making arrangements for krishna pushkaram 2016 which starts in August next year.  Regular meetings with all involved departments regularly proves this.  District collector of Krishna, Mr Babu A is taking all the required steps to conduct and co-ordinate all the activities to make the event a grand one.
Recently concluded Godavari Pushkarams was a good experience in making the arrangements for the event.  The godavari pushkaram mishap happened due to the mis concept of people making huge crowd to take bath at a particular ghat.  This caused huge rush at one place leading to deaths of many people.  Krishna District admin took a cue from the incident and are planning to send a message to people that bathing any got yields same virtuousness.
Emphasis is placed on providing amenities along with planning to make it the safe for pilgrims.  The focus is on crowd management with the help of agencies like NDRF, Octopus and special police forces.  Sanitation, food facilities and other required basic needs of pilgrims will be taken care of.  Regular meetings are conducts to review arrangements too.  Sanitation is given priority to stop spreading contagious diseases during the pushkaram event.
In all 16 mandals of krishna district, ghats will be erected or existing ones repaired including widening of roads to reach them.  Congested roads will be widened for easier access to public.  All the works for krishna pushkaram 2016 will begin in December itself.  This gives ample time to complete the works well before the event.  The works are planned to complete atleast one week before the commencement of the event.  Here the lessons need to be learned from failure to complete all the required works in time during godavari pushkarams in 2015.
Proper co-ordination among police, revenue, muncipal and health departments is vital for smooth conduct of the event.  District collector plays a pivotal role in making all these work for the purpose.
All the ghats meant for bathing by pilgrims will be divided into different zones and a special officer will be made accountable for each of these.  Also central monitoring of ghats from control room with apps, CCTVs etc will help to manage crowd effectively.
Vijaywada muncipal corporation is preparing plans for the event.  They have nearly 1000 crores of development plans to make the event a success one.  They will focus on providing drinking water, sanitation facilities and basic amenities for devotees visiting the ghats.


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